Mrkt505 findings 20and 20discussion

mrkt505 findings 20and 20discussion Illuminating storytelling, deep investigations, intriguing discoveries - these are the  npr stories you don't want to miss e-mail address.

The occupation at wounded knee begins 1975 a firefight at oglala results in the death of one indian and two fbi agents two of three defendants tried for the. Class and the triumph of the human spirit examined in s31 debut film, airing june 18 on pov america reframed unfiltered: finding story amidst.

Director ava duvernay on how it feels to be a part of a more inclusive academy awards and how she plans to resist president trump.

The results of their thinking are horrible to me, but it's coming from a completely rational place in their mind it was just illuminating to me as i sat.

Mrkt505 findings 20and 20discussion
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